Fall means Football- The Game Plan

Friday, September 4th, 2009 by Charles Mayfield, CFP®



As the Jackets and Dawgs take the field this weekend for their inaugural games for the 2009 season, Cass and I are putting the final touches on our second quarter reviews.  Our clients, as well as much of the country, have endured more than their share of hard knocks in the past 18 months.  I would liken it to that passionate fan in the bleachers that watches their team go in at halftime trailing by a few points.  If anything will resonate from locker rooms across the country this weekend, it will be simply to “Stick to the Game Plan”. 


Cass and I know the game is far from over.  One might argue that it will never end.  With that in mind, it is with great gratitude that we want to thank our clients for sticking with the game plan we put in place long before this most recent market collapse (http://atlantaplanningguys.com/?p=86). 

We have been on defense for the better part of two years.  It is nice to finally see our offense take the field for a few series.  As it turns out, our game plan seems to be working: limit the downside and capture as much of the upside as possible.  In football terms, we’ve done a pretty good job of limiting opponent’s points in the red zone and taken full advantage of our scoring opportunities.  Talk to your advisor today.  Make sure your money is ready to tackle whatever the market throws at you tomorrow.  Talk with your financial advisor about your game plan.  Make sure your offense is ready to take the field.


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