Reflections & Sincerest Wishes

Monday, December 28th, 2009 by Charles Mayfield, CFP®


So often, we lend ourselves to reflection as the new year approaches.  I’m always quite contemplative from Thanksgiving through the end of the year.  Usually, Cass and I reserve this blog for informative postings we feel are relevant to our clientele in addition to other consumers.  I’d like to take just a moment to look back on our practice and extend some extra special thanks to those that make our business all worth it.


Ups and Downs:  This year has certainly seen its share of challenges in the market.  From a historic low on March 9th through a summer of negative headlines and positive returns…you have stood by our philosophy and strategy when it comes to managing wealth.  Our system for creating and maintaining wealth has been derived through the hands-on role we play in the lives of our clients.  Without your feedback and challenging of our methods, we would have very little to separate ourselves from other advisors in the marketplace.  The high standards for excellence and client education have come from the continued accountability our clients hold us to each quarter.


Life’s little changes:  2009 has seen much transpire within the Chappell, Mayfield Family.  Cass was blessed a few months ago with his first child (Olivia).  My life has been blessed this year with my engagement to Julie and we plan to wed in May of 2010.  Having the opportunity to share in countless blessings for our clients this year has only strengthened our commitment to providing world class guidance to the individuals and families we serve.  Thank you for allowing us to share in those magical moments these last 12 months.


The Road Ahead:  We don’t know what is in store for us in 2010.  Rest assured that we will be poised and ready to celebrate your victories and provide much needed guidance when the sky isn’t quite as bright.  Our efforts will continue to focus on bringing unique value and customized strategies to our clients.  It is through these efforts that we expect to continue to grow our service model and the population we serve.


Warmest regards and thanks for another special year.

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