Be Resolute: Part 3 – The Follow Through

Monday, January 5th, 2009 by Charles Mayfield, CFP®


We have laid a solid foundation for accomplishing your New Years Resolution.  Let’s close out this article with some real life examples for you and a few more tips for the road.

 Tip # 1:  Find an accountability partner.  There should be at least one person in your life that can make sure you are keeping up with your resolution and offer the support necessary to achieve it.  This can be more than one person (as you will see in the example below).

 Tip # 2:  Write it down.  Resolutions, goals, affirmations…they are all so much more powerful when you write them down and revisit them frequently.

 Tip # 3:  Don’t be scared to think long term.  We all suffer from the instant gratification bug these days.  We feel that results must be now or never.  Even with your resolutions, don’t be afraid to give yourself the whole year to accomplish things.

 And now the details behind my most recent resolution…I hope this example can serve as a spring-board to the happier, healthier, wealthier you.

 Charles’ resolution: to quit smokeless tobacco

     Step 1: Research the requirements

  • - Got information from American Cancer Society
  • - Learned I had to establish a quit date (October 27th was mine)
  • - Read up on my enemy (nicotine), used the addictive aspect as my motivator

    Step 2: Put the plan in Place

  • - Announced my quit date to family and close group of friends
  • - Started slowly reducing intake
  • - Wrote out my reasons to quit

    Step 3:  The Quit Begins

  • - Had my last tobacco on October 26th, 2008
  • - Got lots of support in my first 3 days (critical)
  • - Made plenty of jerky to chew on
  • - Focused on a written journal of how I was feeling and keeping track of cravings

    Step 4:  Celebrate

  • - Everyday without tobacco is a celebration
  • - What good is change unless you are happy about it
  • - Share your accomplishments…show others they can do it to (very powerful stuff)

Wishing you all a tremendous 2009!   I can’t wait to hear about those incredible resolutions coming true.

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