The Fantasy Portfolio

Monday, January 18th, 2010 by Charles Mayfield, CFP®



As we approach the kickoff for Super Bowl XLIV, I can’t help but wonder how many Americans are frantically trying to make those last few lineup changes to assure themselves of victory in their respective fantasy football league.  I’m constantly amazed by the passion and fervor on display around creating a ‘made-up’ team of athletes to compete every weekend.  The winner, in most cases, gets to keep a high percentage of the pot created by charging each participant to play in the league.  If only we were this passionate about our retirement savings…or are we?

2009 was certainly a year that tested the resolve of many investors.  If you hung in there well beyond the market lows of March 9th, you were handsomely rewarded with solid gains across the equity and bond markets.  How did your portfolio perform?  Did you make some moves that paid off?  Chances are good that if you benched any of your players early in the year, you didn’t see the gains your fellow investors did.  Fantasy football is just that…fantasy.  You are allowed to go in and draft the players you feel are the best at their position.  One could draw the conclusion that investing is taking the fantasy and making it a reality.  Many platforms allow for you to pick and choose the investment styles that make sense for you.  Only here, everyone can draft the same player if they choose.


With the help of a sound financial advisor, you can draft the ideal portfolio for you.  Occasionally, changes will need to be made.  However, for the most part, you need to pick a sound team and stick with them.  I’ll grant you that it’s not likely you will see these folks suiting up in helmets on a Sunday and spending a few hours chasing around a pigskin pummeling one another.  However, that’s not what you’re paying them to do.  Talk to your financial advisor and make sure that your portfolio team is poised for success in 2010.

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